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Salma Hayek as well as Channing Tatum, who dance between exotic dance and empowerment

Salma Hayek and Channing Tatum collaborated for "Magic Mike's Last dance" in a story which, as per what they revealed during an interview to EFE, would fuse exotic dance, romance, female empowerment and transform dreams.

"As soon as I discovered the character of Maxandra Mendoza, I fell in love with the idea of portraying a woman who realises that her whole life was managed by others and that she herself didn't know what her dreams were," Hayek explained when discussing her role. in the third chapter to the fairy tale about exotic dancer Michael "Magic Mike" Lane.

Added to that to that is the fact the movie was written by Steven Soderbergh "of course it is a pleasure to dance with this guy," he added with laughter as he pointed at Tatum and sat next to him at the restaurant specially designed for the theater. It's located in the town of Key Biscayne, one of the towns in Greater Miami, where the show "Magic Mike Live" which is inspired by the films, is shown on a traveling basis.

"It was important to me to close out Mike's story with the power that just one person who is a believer in you can have," said Tatum, whose life story inspired the initial "Magic Mike" film, where he shared credits with Matthew McConaughey in 2012. .

A film with no GENDER

"Magic Mike's Last Dance" is set at a nightclub held in Miami Beach where Mike is bartender. Max (Hayek) finds out that he was an exotic dancer and, upon requesting to dance, starts the most sensual sequence from the 3 films, and one of the most intense that the Mexican star has ever done.

"They were strong sequences for which we needed to be more intense in the training that we do each day, but it was not too hard for me. Channing had to do much more, "he stressed.

It was a physical effort, however, the high-intensity and sexuality of the sequence needed work between them "to establish trust" and was, as both parties agreed was the primary element for a series of actions that involved a sexual exchange, without her losing a single piece of clothing.

While that was only the beginning of the relationship between them but eventually, a complicity is created that furthers the stories of both characters and allows them to sparkle under the guidance of Soderbergh known for his "Ocean's Eleven" story and who was already working with Hayek. in "Traffic" (2000) and in "Traffic" (2000) and Tatum in the earlier "Magic Mike" tapes.

Max and Mike's story is a mix of romantic comedy, sexual thriller and dance-based musicals with a strong slant of female empowerment.

According to , "the most difficult thing was not unifying all of these elements, since I think that films are no longer categorized by genre."

"In a single story , there could be many parts, such as those we have included here," he added.

It will be released worldwide in the second week of February included a variety of multicultural elements beginning with it being the case that Hayek portrays the role of a Latina, Tatum an American, and most of the plot takes place in London, where he even is the famous butler, complete with a caustic persona.

The soundtrack, nourished by Anglo pop of the past three decades, also includes the merengue "Suavemente" by Puerto Rican Elvis Crespo, who was also among the celebrities on the red carpet at the film's premiere this week in Miami.

"Obviously we needed to add Latin elements to the mix," said Hayek, whose character speaks several times in Spanish and rescues his heritage without identifying his country of origin.


Alongside the romance and professional self-realization of the protagonists, "Magic Mike's Last Dance" is a fictionalized account about how this musical show was born that today has ongoing performances in London and Las Vegas, as well as a touring show that is currently undergoing a six-month residency in Miami.

In the film, you will see the original dancers from the initial London show, who also traveled to the premiere, as well as the dancers that were from the Miami show took part on the red carpet of the premiere. They also presented a tiny portion of the show in an exclusive party, to close the theater from "Magic Mike Live".

For Channing Tatum, who grew up in Tampa as a stripper prior to beginning his profession working in Hollywood, "being in Florida with the latest 'Magic Mike' movie and teaching this show feels like coming all the way back."

The actor and producer announced that he's currently working on a romantic novel and preparing in advance for two short films in which he took part this year.

The first is "Spaceman", in which he served as a producer. The second was "Pussy Island" where he is credited as the director alongside Geena Davis, Christian Slater and Adria Arjona under the direction of his current partner.

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